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CDL Token is giving you more than you think:

Lower your fee With CDL Tokens you will be able to lower your trading fees down to 0%. The more Tokens you have in your account, the less commission you will pay. With 150,000 CDL your commission is 0%.

EARN BY VOTING Our voting for the new cryptocurrencies that we are adding to our exchange has become even better! Now, besides the fact that your favorite cryptocurrency can be added, you can earn money on it! Everyone who owns at least 100 CDL Tokens and casts a vote - earns money. The more votes you cast in a month, the more Tokens will be awarded to you.

EARN EVEN MORE IN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM The commission that is offered in the affiliate program for inviting new users to our platform is the higher the more Tokens you have.

ACQUIRE MORE BENEFITS WITH CDL We offer various services on our exchange. Among other things, we offer a Premium Account or listing your own coins. From now on, all fees for such services will be accepted in CDL Tokens.

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Coindeal Background history

CoinDeal launched March 1st, 2018 and has already reached the 40th place on CoinMarketCap with a daily volume of 31 million USD. CoinDeal is currently over 320,000 users from 110 countries trading 50+ currency pairs as well as 6 fiat currencies.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

CoinDeal has become the first ever cryptocurrency company to sponsor a Premiere League team. Every game day brings with itself an almost unlimited potential in terms of reach, new customers, and brand recognition. CoinDeal wants to bring cryptocurrencies to the attention of the mainstream and being a sponsor of the world's most watched sport is the best means to do so.


Adam Bicz
Adam Bicz CEO & Co-Founder LinkedIn LinkedIn
Kajetan Maćkowiak
Kajetan Maćkowiak CMO & Co-Founder LinkedIn LinkedIn
Filip Dzierżak
Filip Dzierżak COO & Co-Founder LinkedIn LinkedIn

Blockchain House

Blockchain House

Blockchain House is the capital group responsible for Coindeal as well as various other blockchain focused companies and projects.


Jason King

Jason King

Jason King is the Executive Director of, Founder of Sean’s Outpost, and Co-Founder of Kingsland University - School of Blockchain.

Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman founder and CEO of Token Communities Ltd., and Blockchain Commodities Exchange; Co-founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA).

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